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Altivar 312

Altivar 312

Variable speed drives for
three-phase asynchronous motors,
from 0.18 to 15 kW - power range up to 600 V
A user-friendly drive that is able to communicate, Altivar 312 is an upgrade to Altivar 31 with additional user benefits.
dentical to the Altivar 12, the Altivar 312 interface features all the controls on the front panel. The notched wheel in the centre has several functions and can be used for programming, navigation or as a speed reference potentiometer for local control. The easy-to-use menu and graphic interface on the Altivar 71 allow operators to choose the required language (8 languages available as standard, 20 as an option) to make adjustment even easier.

Telemecanique Programmable Controllers Twido

Twido Compact
Twido Modular
Twido Extreme

OEM machine builder PLC Telemecanique TSX Micro

With Micro accuracy, flexibility and increased productivity, you now have a real partner at the heart of the machine. A remarkable low-cost response to market constraints, this solution offers machine manufacturers the diversity and modularity required to maximize their expertise.
Memory up to 128k words
Less than 0.15 µs/inst
Extended application-specific functions :Counting/position control, Analog/PID, Math functions, Fuzzy logic, etc
Multi-task application software with event-triggered functions
Several sensor/actuator Bus networks with Ethernet TCP/IP
Total protection of user know-how, data, PLC peripherals

Machine control PLC Telemecanique Premium

More flexibility and openness... Premium offers unrivalled performance, reducing cycle times and avoiding any need for optimization, thanks to the integration of more diagnostics and production data, freedom of communication and access to generic programming.
5 IEC languages as standard:: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL.
High performance CPUs with 37 ns per instruction and up to 7 Mb of program
High-level multitasking system
A compact system (very high density modules) particularly at ease in extended architectures (distribution of 16 racks in real time without repeater)
An extensive catalog of application-specific modules (safety, reflex processing, counter, position control, motion, weighing, data storage)
New High End processors
All Ethernet TCP/IP Transparent Ready services: IO scanning, Global Data, Web server, e-mail messaging, direct access to databases, TCP Open, Network Time Protocol, etc
Numerous built-in ports: USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, CANopen or FIP master port, Modbus serial port.
The widest connectivity offer on the market: AS-Interface, Modbus Plus, INTERBUS or PROFIBUS DP.