Advance Automation

AC Drives, HMI & PLC Repair





Messungs PLCs are expanding the boundaries of traditional PLC applications.
The High Performance Maintenance Friendly - Nexgen 4000 to ICON of THE FUTURE - Nexgen 5000, with its world class Infineon processor based CPU and IEC 61131-3 compatible programming software "CoDeSys".
Messung has a diverse lineup of Nexgen PLCs that can supply reliable performance in a package to fit your system requirements.


Servo Motion

The MR-E Super is available with pulse-train input for position and internal speed control or analog input for speed and torque control. The amplifier features Mitsubishi Electric’s legendary auto-tuning and vibration suppression functions. Set-up and diagnosis is easy with the Windows based software MR-Configurator.
Compared to its performance the MR-E Super is an excellent choice for very cost-effective and economical servo solutions.



Compact - expandable - Flexible. Visual Access Window with white backlit LCD. Ultra fast in the segment. Huge application and data memories. Strong and sturdy mechanicals. Smart digital inputs. Six High speed counter inputs supporting various modes. Preemptive Multitasking (coming soon). Powerful Instruction set of a mid size PLC. IEC61131 compatible programming using CoDeSys.

Nexgen 2000 Plus

Nexgen 2000 Plus

Distinctly the Plus Advantage of NEXGEN-2000 Plus defines its remarkable ability, power and intelligence to rev up your machine or process beyond imagination.
Inheriting the DNA characteristics of NEXGEN-2000, this new PLC comes to you with add-on features that make it more user-friendly, easy to function and maintain, besides looking more elegant and contemporary with its international looks.