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Micro PLCs


This all-in-one package Micro PLCs provide high cost performance to further reduce costs by allowing you to select the optimal CPU Unit from the E-type Basic Models or N-type Application Models that support HMI connection, position control and inverter connection.a

Micro PLCs


Complete with a standard-feature USB port, whether you need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port, this micro PLC gives you an economical choice from among 10-, 14-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-point CPU Units.


Modular PLCs

Ultra compact PLC with flexible configuration up to 2,560 I/Os, 120K-Step program memory and 256K-word data memory. CF card function facilitates easy program and data management.

Modular PLCs


Enhances facility and equipment reliability through hot standby CPUs, power supplies and redundant network. Hot Swap I/O function allows defective unit replacement during operation.

Servomotors / Servo Drivers

Servomotors Servo Drivers

Servomotors and Servo Drivers are provided for the purpose from replacing stepping motors to high-speed, high-precision control. Models with MECHATROLINK II communications are also provided. Concerning Servomotors/Servo Drivers, OMRON offers different products in different areas. So please click on the banner "Products links" in the top right corner to reach the country website nearest you.

General machinery drives

General machinery drives

ACS350 and ACS355 products from 0.37 to 22 kW / 0.5 to 30 hp supply voltage 200 - 480 V
ABB general machinery drives are designed for the machine building sector. In serial type manufacturing the consumed time per unit is critical. The drive is designed to be the fastest drive in terms of installation, setting parameters and commissioning. The basic product has been made as user-friendly as possible, yet providing high intelligence. The drive offers diverse functionality to cater for the most demanding needs.