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Measurement Sensors


High speed of 100 μs, Ultra high-speed & stable measurement for a variety of measurement objects
All deficiencies inherent in the conventional PSD sensing method have now been solved. Whereas the PSD method measures position information from the center of gravity of the total light quantity distribution of the light spots connected along each light element, the linear image sensor method measures the peak position values of the light spots themselves. This advancement now makes high-precision measurement possible, regardless of the surface condition of the object whether for metal hairline surface cracks or for non-reflective black rubber.

Proximity Sensors (Omron)


Proximity Sensors are available in models using high-frequency oscillation to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects, and in capacitive models to detect non-metal objects. Environment-resistant, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant and water-resistant models are available

Safety Sensors (Omron)

Safety Sensors Omron

Built with utmost care, Omron Safety Sensors comply with all safety standards in the world, whereas Area Sensors are used in non-safety application such as workpiece detection, area detection or pick up application.