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Mitsubishi Electric micro programmable logic controllers are expanding the boundaries of traditional micro programmable logic controller applications. From the extremely compact FX1S and FX1N Series to the highly advanced FX2N Series and FX3U, Mitsubishi Electric has a perfectly sized control solution to satisfy a wide variety of needs. The diverse lineup of FX family PLCs can supply reliable performance in a package to fit your system requirements.



The expanded lineup of the high-performance model, the basic model "QUTE" and further the process CPU fully meets a wide variety of control needs. The Mitsubishi MELSEC-Q series PLC not only provides high-level control functions, such as the multiple PLC system, program structuring, networking, computerization and software integration, but also supports handy small-scaled control.



This high performing, reliable series of programmable controllers is perfect for smaller factories or operations that don’t have too much room to spare. Is easy to install, it also includes the flexible networking features, the extensive range of compatible products, and the superior programming tools forever associated with the name Mitsubishi, best suitable products for above 256 I/Os & available upto 1024 I/Os.

Servo Amplifiers MR-J3

Servo Amplifiers MR-J3

The new MR-J3 generation of servo drives delivers state-of-the-art technology and simple operation in a very compact package.
The MR-J3 series is available in two versions: The MR-J3-A models are suitable for drive systems with conventional control and are designed for regulating speed, torque and position control tasks. The MR-J3-B models are specified for complex, multi-axis movement sequences and for use in networked automation systems.


Servo Motors

Utilising the most advanced concentrated winding techniques and latest technology, these brushless servo motors are among the most compact on the market.
Mitsubishi Electric Servo Motors are made to high standards and offer a wide range of power, speed and inertia ratings providing a motor for all applications. Ranging from 50W through to 55kW and with specialist type motors available (flat "pancake"motors) the new Super Series Servo Motors complete the line-up of products offered by Mitsubishi Electric.

FR-A700 Series Inverter


FR-A700 real sensorless vector control ensures the highest level of driving performance. Advanced driving performance makes it possible to support a wide range of applications from variable-speed applications such as conveyance and chemical machines to line control applications such as winding machines and printing machines.
machines and printing machines.
Long life parts and life check function. Adoption of long life parts ensures more reliable operation. The reliable life diagnosis function notifies the maintenance time

E700 Series

Advanced Functionality in a Micro Drive

Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduces their latest generation of Micro Sized Variable Frequency Drives. The E700 replaces the popular E500 Series and utilizes the same mounting foot print, but with advanced functionality, all at the same price. New features and functions such as USB port for commissioning and monitoring, embedded M-dial and display, increased low speed performance and the ability to install one of the many 700 Series option cards allows the E700 to be used in the most demanding applications. With a standard 5 year warranty, quality and reliability is essentially guaranteed. The E700 Series promises to continue Mitsubishi's long history of providing the best micro drive in the industry.

FR-S500 Series

FR-S500 Series

The All-Rounder in the Compact Class. FluxVector Power for the medium output range, delivering high torques at low output frequencies. Intelligent output current monitoring and PID controllers are standard equipment in this series.
·With general purpose flux vector control and slip compensation, a torque of 150% at 1Hz can be generated.
·The frequency setting potentiometer is provided on the operator panel, so variable speed operation can be carried out easily.


Series Inverter

FR-A500 Series (0.4KW to 55KW) High performance, high function inverter. Developed for demanding drive applications with highest demand to a large torque and excellent concentricity. Vector control system with automatic motor data determination and temperature compensation. Adjustable soft PWM switching frequency for whisper-quiet motor running. Energy conservation mode and controlled shut-down in the event of power failures are just two of the useful and efficient "standard features" of this model.
Incorporates advanced magnetic flux vector control. Higher precision operations with a PLG is possible.
·Handling and operations are made easier with operation panel ( FR-DU04) communications (RS-485) and parameter users group are provided as standard.
·Three option slots given in A500 give flexibility for integration.
·Removable Control Terminal Blocks Increase ease in wiring

FR-A500 Series



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